About the Artist

A long time ago there was a tv show featuring Christopher Lowell. It was an HGTV show about diy decorating, there was a segment one day that showed an artist creating fused glass. Store that idea away…. then several years later we moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina (can you say culture shock). Anyway settle in a bit and while exploring one day I saw a sign for fused glass classes. DING DING DING, my memory pulls up that tv show. Anyway to keep this story form wandering to far, I sign up and fell head over heels in love!

My very first class was at Carolina Stained Glass, taught by Teddy Deveraux

The rest as they say is history. Glass became consuming. I have taken many more classes and taught a few myself.  I have since moved back to NH and built a beautiful studio. we live on a dirt road back in the wood, quiet and beautiful.

I tend to work in bright joyful colors. The pieces I make are both functional and decorative.