July 2019

WOW! what a busy time this has been. Five Grandkids are visiting, so only some glass has happened. Ill post pictures of theirs when they are done. They will have some fun things to take home.

I have also gotten some new books full of ideas from Helios Glass. Cant wait to try them. So far they are just printed and waiting for me. I always learn something new, be it a trick or a whole new way of construction.

ArtWorks, the new gallery I have joined is selling my pieces. It feels amazing to have someone own a piece of glass I made. I will be working part time in the gallery in late July and August.

The heat really happened in the last few weeks, sunburn and all.


I think we have finally turned the corner and summer has arrived, at least the trees are green and the grass is growing like crazy.

Classes have been posted and I’m looking forward to a great group of students. No experience necessary just a willingness to have some fun . The first one went off without a hitch.

I have been accepted as a member at Art Works in Tamworth on Rte 16. It is a great gallery with many different artist and types of art.


Spring is here I think, although there is still plenty of snow in my yard.

Winter was, well, winter but I did do some fun things and have some new ideas. Spent time on the west coast and once again got to visit with one incredible glass lady, Laurie Spray of Bonny Doon Glass in Santa Cruz California. Her studio is a place of wonder, and she is such a willing participant in the world of fused glass. From her I have some new molds and formers and the desire to get back to work.

We are hoping to open classes in early summer. There will be a beginner class series, and probably more.

So far I’ll be holding an open house near the end of May; I’ll be at the Artist on the Green in Sandwich NH in August and the Sandwich Fair in October. We will have to wait and see what else comes up.

November came and went

This fall was so busy I almost missed it.

Thanks to everyone that came to the hill for the open studio, we met lots of new people. I keep saying there are a lot more people here in the woods than I ever imagined (and I grew up here). Most of them are very talented. There are painters of landscapes, animals, people and even furniture. Woodworkers, blacksmiths, glass blowers, wool felters , cooks, gardeners, the list goes on and on! I have discovered a few places in town to view these great pieces. I will keep looking for new venues.

My studio is buttoned up for the winter and will reopen in the spring. The earlier the snow leaves the better. I’m planning on spending the winter, working on new ideas and trying to figure out techniques to play with. With luck….. if all the ducks line up…… I will be able to start classes sometime in the early summer.

Whats next

October is almost over. It has gotten cold and I’m thinking about getting out of here soon.

But first…… I’ve  taking  photos of pieces. I love glass but it sure is hard to photograph, the light reflects and dicro is impossible.I will need to take a class to learn that trick. So for now you will just have to bear with me.

November 23 2018, the day after thanksgiving, there will be an open studio at 122 Brown Hill Rd ,North Sandwich NH (directions in “you can’t get there from here”.
I will be showing lots more than you have seen before. Yes, jewelry, chakras, window ornaments and so much more.

Refreshments will be served. Come shop or just visit. Please don’t bring snow!

October is Here

October is really here but its cold and rainy. New England has such beautiful fall that I’m sure it will change soon.

Sandwich Fair is coming! October 6,7 & 8, I will be in the Craft Barn, come and see. There are artist of all kinds here, my favorite is the wood working. The fair is great all around, have you ever seen horse twitching? it is not to be missed.

Working on it

The weather has gotten cold so I am reminded that winter will follow soon, UGGH. Cant say I look forward to it. Maybe next week will be warm again.

This web site is a work in progress and this is definitely not my thing so please be patient with me. I will be adding to the gallery pictures as fast as i can get my head around it.

Saturday 9-8 we hosted an open studio, we had a great time met some new people and gained some great ideas for places to show my work. Visited with friends and gained some confidence.

I am scheduled to be at Sandwich Fair in Sandwich NH October 6-8.

and so it begins

Hooray! we finally have a studio, there are still things to do but it is ready for me to work. It has been more than two years that I have been without space and glass. Unpacking and set up is done. I’m ready.

please come and visit on Sept 8th any time between noon and 4pm. I will have lots to show you (and of course refreshments)