November Came and Went

This fall was so busy I almost missed it.

Thanks to everyone that came to the hill for the open studio, we met lots of new people. I keep saying there are a lot more people here in the woods than I ever imagined (and I grew up here). Most of them are very talented. There are painters of landscapes, animals, people and even furniture. Woodworkers, blacksmiths, glass blowers, wool felters , cooks, gardeners, the list goes on and on! I have discovered a few places in town to view these great pieces. I will keep looking for new venues.

My studio is buttoned up for the winter and will reopen in the spring. The earlier the snow leaves the better. I’m planning on spending the winter, working on new ideas and trying to figure out techniques to play with. With luck….. if all the ducks line up…… I will be able to start classes sometime in the early summer.

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